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Today is a special day.

We are very excited to finally share with you the culmination of our many months of hard work, preparation, and determination.


When we came up with the idea for Citadel Clothing Company a little over 6 months ago we had very little experience, a vague idea of what we wanted to be, and no idea where to start. Now we are proud to present our first series of products that exemplify the core values we’ve held true since the very beginning: high quality garments, local manufacturing, and limited edition releases.


All of our fabrics are sourced from within Canada or the US, with the majority of production and assembly happening in Halifax, Nova Scotia. For our customers this means higher quality products that will feel better and last longer, and the opportunity to support local businesses. Our one-off production model means that production runs are never repeated — if a product sells out, that’s it. Using local manufacturers and producing in limited quantities inevitably costs more, but means you are getting the best value out of your garments.


Huge shoutout to everyone that has supported us up to this point… we hope you like what you see and continue to show us love.


-Jefferson, King, and Josh