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Our End of Summer Collection

Thank you for supporting us so far. We could not have made it to this point without you. Since our launch, we’ve been overwhelmed with support.


We’ve been staying true to our vision, continuing to work tirelessly to make high quality, hand-crafted Canadian made streetwear for you guys.


We’re excited to present to you our End of Summer collection, featuring our newest collection of tee shirts: the TURRET APPLIQUÉ TEES and the CITADEL C POCKET TEES. For this collection we worked closely with skilled seamstresses to create a premium product that exemplifies innovation, local craftsmanship, and high quality Canadian made goods.


Our TURRET APPLIQUÉ TEES are not only all one of a kind, but every aspect of their production from the sewing of labels to the stitching of the appliqués is done in Halifax. When we started Citadel Clothing Company, this is the exact product that we had envisioned. The hand-stitched appliqué brings our logo to life with 4 different custom fabrics: Floral, Marble, Copper, and French Jouy.


Our CITADEL C POCKET TEES brings our refined style to a classic shirt. All aspects of production, including sewing the pockets on, are also done in Halifax. The hand-stitched chest pockets are embroidered with our very own Citadel C. We’ve recreated this wardrobe staple in 4 unique colorways: Black on Black, White on White, Powder Blue on Red, and Gold on Forest Green.


We invite our customers to contemplate and explore where their clothing comes from. Any imperfection a shirt may have acts as evidence of the human aspect of our production process. The reality of choosing to manufacture locally also means that we have higher costs and lower margins. That gets reflected in the price of our products. We’re okay with that because we value quality and the support of local businesses, and we hope you are too.


As always, our shirts are limited edition meaning once they sell out they will not be made again. Every collection is unique and will never be re-released.


Thanks for being part of the family.


Much Love,
Jefferson, King and Josh


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Today is a special day.

We are very excited to finally share with you the culmination of our many months of hard work, preparation, and determination.


When we came up with the idea for Citadel Clothing Company a little over 6 months ago we had very little experience, a vague idea of what we wanted to be, and no idea where to start. Now we are proud to present our first series of products that exemplify the core values we’ve held true since the very beginning: high quality garments, local manufacturing, and limited edition releases.


All of our fabrics are sourced from within Canada or the US, with the majority of production and assembly happening in Halifax, Nova Scotia. For our customers this means higher quality products that will feel better and last longer, and the opportunity to support local businesses. Our one-off production model means that production runs are never repeated — if a product sells out, that’s it. Using local manufacturers and producing in limited quantities inevitably costs more, but means you are getting the best value out of your garments.


Huge shoutout to everyone that has supported us up to this point… we hope you like what you see and continue to show us love.


-Jefferson, King, and Josh